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About Us

About Us?

Çamsan parquet which is the first laminated parquet produced in Turkey is released to the market by ÇAMSAN ENTEGRE AĞAÇ SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş. which is a pioneer and leader in its sector with healthy, high quality and decorative products


Properties of Çamsan Parquet:

Çamsan parquet is durable. It invigorates a more livable environment ; it is hygienic and useful. It is resistant to cigarette fire. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and household chemical products. It is resistant to pressure, scratches and blows. It is environment friendly. Çamsan Parquet maintains the quality of the surface of the parquet for many years thanks to these powerful features. Çamsan Parquet is ideal for both houses and workplaces; because it is extremely easy to maintain and clean. Çamsan Parquet do not contain any substances that are harmful to environment. E1 lacquer is used for HDF production that are used in parquet production. Even more important, the Çamsan Parquet offers the best price-benefit combination. The only thing you need to be able to identify this unique feature of Çamsan Parquet is that you compare our products with other parquets.


Manufacturing HDF Properties:

Density : 850-900 kg /m3 EN 323 Elasticity Module : 3500 N /mm2 EN 310 Surface Porosity : 25 cm 24 hour swelling : >13 EN 317 Tensile Strength: min. 1.6 N/mm2 EN 319 Bending strength: min 40 N/mm2 EN 310 according to surface wearing value Çamsan parquet separated into two classes of products: Wear resistance (AC3): 23rd class-31 st class >= ’3f 2500 EN 13329 Wear resistance (AC4): 32nd class >= ’3f 4000


Çamsan Parquet product which has AC3 wear resistance (23rd class ve 31rd class) according to 2500EN 13329 is suitable for residences in other words at internal areas; Çamsan Parquet product with AC4 wearing resistance (32nd class) is suitable for workplaces with medium workload. It is ideal for any floor from bedroom to kitchen floor to living room to children's room. It is not suitable for wet floored places such as a bathroom floor, toilet, sauna or shower rooms. The surface of the wood, which is exposed to damp and water continuously, may swell and its structure may deteriorate.