There is hapiness in its nature...

Prior to laying the laminate place your Çamsan Parquet straight on the floor without removing it from the package to adapt it to the floor temperature and keep them at the room temperature for 48 hours.

Difference between floor and parquet temperature must not exceed + 3 degrees. PARKE LOCK panel assemblies are made by passing the long edge at an angle of about 20 degrees from the short edge. When the parquets are being laid, they must not be directly hitted with the hammer in any way, for this operation, a wooden clamping block with special laminate void must be used.

It should not be forgotten that laminate flooring work because of its wood-based construction. For this reason, at least 15 mm working gap must be left between the parquet, walls, installation pipes, door casings and other similar parquet movement blocking elements during the flooring process.